Cantorion Sydney Choir

Warm ups      Calon Lan (Virtual Rehearsal)     Friendship in Song (VR)

Recordings of Parts

Calon Lan

T1 (Ben)      T1a (Ben)    T2 (Ben)    B1 (Chris B.)     B2 (David)

Friendship in Song

T1 (Ben)    T2 (Ben)    B2 (David)

Oh When the Saints

T1 (Ben)   T2 (Ben)

Ave, verum corpus

T1 (Ben)        T2 (Ben)      B1(Chris)        B2 (David)


T1 (Ben)      T2 (Ben)   B1(Chris) 

Hand Me Down My (perfectly sound) Silver Trumpet

T1 (Ben)        T2 (Ben)      T2–end (Ben)

My Lord, What A Mornin'

T1 (Ben)   T2 (Ben)

Tell My Father

Warmup (Ben)          T1 & T2 (Ben)

Note:  If you would like to download just the audio mp3 files, go to OneDrive and look in the folder Virtual Rehearsals and the folder for your section.